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The New Chick in the Hen House was on the Road!

Hello Hens Family!

This is Kimber Black, the new Chick in the Hen House chiming in about my road trip to the Central Coast last week! It was a whirlwind of meetings mixed with visits to as many of our Antique Store partners that I could squeeze into 5 days!

For starters, I flew into San Luis Obispo midweek from the balmy state of Texas, where I now call home with my husband, 3 teenaged kiddos, the Aussie Posse, barn cats, our sheep, Cattle and horses.

I was very fortunate to escape the excessive heat for a few days while I promoted The Three Speckled Hens Show(3SH), from my mobile office, across the beautiful and rugged San Luis Obispo County!

My first stop was Morro Bay via Paso Robles to grab our marketing materials from the Blue Printer on Spring Street. I know that's the long way but it was necessary so I could hang posters while I spent the day at the Coast. I discovered the cutest little Cafe called Buttercup Bakery where I met with our local advertising rep from New Times Magazine and discussed our upcoming digital campaigns and print ads.

The weather was impeccable at 76 degrees for our outdoor meeting, but my body was in shock trying to adjust from leaving the 109 degrees temps in Texas. Once our meeting adjourned, I continued up the coast toward Cayucos and had a chance to warm up a bit. I then popped into Remember When Antiques where I ran into one of our vendors who will be joining us this fall. She is sharing a booth with her sister who will be traveling to France in a few days to collect those one-of-a-kind treasures to sell at their booth on October 6 & 7.

After our quick visit, I ran over to their second location, Remember When Too Antique Mall where I ran into one of my Cowgirl Christmas vendors (3SH Sister Show in November) and invited her to sign up for the upcoming fall show since I love her salty, Gypsy Soule, Vintage Cowgirl style! It was wonderful to reconnect as we share a common interest of western and Native American silver jewelry.

Since it was getting late and I knew I couldn't make it to Cambria before the 5pm curtain call at most antique stores, I decided to turn around and head back to SLO for the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed driving on Highway 1 and seeing the golden hills with the occasional poppy. I drove by the Rock and the Stacks in Morro Bay and had a moment where I recalled a story my dad told me about his younger years when he and his best friend climbed the stacks and tried to yell across to one another, but they couldn't hear each other because the wind was howling! I have always wanted to climb the stacks myself to see what it looks like from up there, but they are on lock down from what I've been told.

Anyhow! I continued the drive by Cuesta College and the Santa Rosa Street entrance to my college alma mater Cal Poly University and was quickly reminded how beautiful and unique our hometown is. After a quick stop at Club Bubbly in The Creamery Marketplace, I finished the night with dinner at The Wayfarer Hotel and The Schoolyard Restaurant where I enjoyed a glass of Chardonnay paired with the best Wedge salad and seasoned fries ever! My niece is a manager on-site and it was fun to surprise her and see her in her work element!

Day 2 was long and unforgiving but very fruitful. I started out by meeting with our accountant to talk about numbers and taxes and all of those not so fun, adult things you have to take care of when you are in business. I ended that nonsense with a Starbucks coffee and a quick visit with a local friend. Then I got on my merry way to The North County to visit the owners at Paso Robles Antiques & Vintage, Great American Antiques Mall and Reminisce Antiques Etc.

Although I was out promoting and tooting the horn for The Three Speckled Hens Fall Show, I was scouting out unique items for myself and friends! I found the most perfect crystal doorknob for my best friends' husband back in Texas who wants to repurpose a gear shift in his vintage 1970's square bodied Jeep! At the register, I realized I was buying from one of our very own dealers Spiritfull Designs in the Adelaide Building. I was happy knowing I was supporting one of our own from 3SH.

Anyhow, my ultimate scavenger hunt came to an end as I headed south to Templeton where I caught up with Lyn from KPRL Radio Station. She had 3SH signed up, the ad written and commercials on the air within 3 days! Be sure to tune into 99.3FM or 1230AM every morning and catch our interview on September 11th. It's not my cup of tea to talk on the air but I'm willing to get uncomfortable for this very special event.

On a personal note, I spied Thrifty ice cream in the freezer at The Templeton Market and recalled many times spent with my grandma Dixie tracking down the Ice Cream truck on a hot summer day as it drove through the streets of Paso Robles. It was my childhood fantasy to have that job when I grew up but instead, I have a much cooler job now as the new owner of Three Speckled Hens!

As I carried on my seemingly never-ending day, I made a quick stop to say Howdy to Connie at Anthology on Main Street where she gladly accepted our postcards to share with her customers! What a cute store! I then met with Kyle at Jacks across the street! She is the legend in the event world, and she is my on-site manager who runs Three Speckled Hens with ease! You will never see her feathers ruffled. She was able to catch me up on signage, street closures, rentals, staffing, radios, parking and everything under the sun involving events. So, I put the pedal to the metal and headed south on highway 101 to visit with everyone's favorite old town Orcutt merchant, Wendy from Deja Vu and Stellar Cellars!

Her husband poured us a glass of his amazing wine while we chatted about the show, local businesses and calling on some new dealers to become involved in our upcoming fall show! She was very forthcoming with her knowledge on people in the antique industry and I am forever grateful for the time she spent with me and the leads I am working through daily.

Day 3 I visited Southern Pueblo one of our very popular dealers and Black Sheep Finds in A-Town. I then ventured north to Vineyard Antique Mall, Gatherings Emporium, Revamped The Collection and then stopped to recharge my internal battery for a minute and to catch up on emails and phone calls at Rustic Fire where the artisan pizza, large beer and local wine list taunted me. But I saved my calories for Deeds Bar & Grill at the Country Club on the south end of town later that evening. I truly enjoy sitting outside and watching the big screens in a relaxed environment. The company was great too, I dined with a mix of family and friends. Working on the Central Coast has its perks.

The next morning, I started bright and early with a meeting of the original hens at The Nest in Atascadero. No pun intended there, that's where Kathi picked! But, what a treat, the chilaquiles were superb! Kathi, Susi and I caught up on our lives and then we talked shop. They made sure I was on track with marketing, dealers and every small detail that makes this show a huge success! We are still accepting dealer applications for Fall. Inquire at: right away. I've got the perfect space for your vintage finds.

My next meeting was at The Porch in Santa Margarita with the best bookkeeper any girl could ask for. Emily is so patient as she trains me to keep track of paperwork and receipts more efficiently. We had the best conversation accompanied by a salad and their house mango iced tea. I recommend everything on their menu as I saw a few of my husband's rancher friends order burgers and they looked amazing.

After a great lunch, I was off to the Santa Margarita Auction Barn and dropped off more posters and postcards before whizzing over the Cuesta Grade to Pismo Pickers, Rhonda's Relics, A Glance into the Past and The Green Vase in the Village of Arroyo Grande.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting reacquainted with the antique stores my mom drug me and my twin sister through as kids. The floors still creek and the doors still slam exactly as I remember them.

If you're still here, thank you for following along on my road trip. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to carry on this wonderful event created in our hometown by our favorite friends in the Antique and Vintage community. I am surrounded by the same amazing staff that the hens hired and that will keep the show moving along seamlessly as I shake my tail feathers and get a handle on the business!

I look forward to seeing everyone at The Paso Robles Event Center on October 6 & 7!

Tickets are available:

Look for us on Facebook and Instagram.

We will post our list of Dealers soon. If you're interested in being on that list, submit your dealer contract soon!

I will be back on the Central Coast around October 1st so I can pick up apparel, meet and greet the dealers and work out any last-minute details necessary before we open the gates at 4pm on Friday. If you're nearby at 3pm, stop by for our ribbon cutting photo opportunity with the Paso Robles and Templeton Chamber of Commerce.

Until then....

for the love of supporting small business, eating good on the central coast and finding those one-of-a-kind vintage collectibles in our special hometown.

Love, Kimber

The New Chick in the Hen House

Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff Show


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