We are living in a time when we each have to make some tough decisions; masks or no masks, shots or no shots, booster or no booster, go to the indoor wedding or only attend outdoor events, go the indoor family reunion at Uncle Charlie’s or wait until next year, fly to see grandchildren or stay safely at home…

The list is long and the information is varied. The supposedly concrete information from our authorities is changing by the week. We think it is apparent to everyone that putting on an event or attending an event is a dice roll at best. With this in mind, and the increasing numbers of Delta Variant Covid already throughout our county, we have decided to cancel our Fall Three Speckled Hens Antiques & Old Stuff Show slated for September 25 & 26.

This decision was not an easy one to make.  WE, Susi and Kathy, love our show, our dealers, support staff and, without question, our customers. We were so very excited to have a show in September! With you in mind, however, we do not feel it a prudent move to put 3,000 or more of you together right now. We have decided to put all our energies into a magnificent Spring 2022 show, pulling out all the stops!

If you are a customer and have already purchased a ticket that ticket will be honored at our May 2022 show. If you are a dealer please contact us regarding your booth rent.

We hope you all feel our passion for our show and the huge responsibility we carry. We appreciate your support, love and prayers for our nation and our world.

With devotion and prayers for your health and safety,

Kathy & Susi