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Spring Chickens (Well, hens to be exact)!

Spring is here and we are can’t stop clucking about it! With the long-awaited rain finally falling on the Central Coast, we can relax and enjoy the promise of spring flowers, green pastures and full reservoirs. In between planning for the upcoming Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff Show on May 5 and 6, Kathy made some time to reorganize, revive and rearrange her treasures:

Kathy here! This part of the year is a renewal of nature and a time of reflection on what makes our surroundings a place of comfort and peace. And that includes our homes. Time to re-feather our nests! As an avid antiquer, myself, I truly understand the obsession with collecting treasures and never letting a good deal go by.

I experienced an awakening of sorts last week when I had professional carpet cleaners come into my home. To prepare for this long, overdue chore I had to empty my living room. For some this may be an easy task, but in the home of an antiquer, this is quite a feat. I fall in love with any and all pieces pre-twentieth century, so you can imagine that my living room is filled floor-to-ceiling with all my favorite treasures. I have old linen rollers from Europe, numerous crocks of all sizes, large dough bowls, antique pottery and even a lightning rod placed in every nook and cranny of my living room.

The awakening came when I looked into the stripped-down room and I could take a deep breath and I felt light. The heaviness was gone and the room was quiet. My friend, Lori, was here to help me put furniture back and redecorate. We started adding things slowly and we both would say, “Oh that looks great. Let’s not add more stuff.” At the end of the day my living room has half the cherished artifacts it normally displays. My eyes move around the room easily and rest on beautiful old pieces. No longer focused on a bunch of objects, my eyes and mind are free to wander and enjoy the feel of the entire room. What a new peace this has brought me!

Take a tip from an experienced antique collector of many years and follow my new mantra: “Keep buying and change out your collections regularly.” Move your treasures in to different rooms and rotate pieces in and out of storage. If you have limited storage then let go of some of your treasures. There are always new ones to hunt for and buy; that is the beauty of our passion.

Whether you find yourself looking to completely revamp your living space, or just interested in adding to your collection, there is something for everyone at our spring Antiques and Old Stuff Show! Tickets go on sale April 6, so mark your calendars. Don’t forget to enter our Spring Sweepstakes for a chance to win two Early Bird tickets to our show and a two-night stay at the Best Western Plus Black Oak on May 5 & 6.


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