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Six Instagram Accounts we Have our Eyes On

As we get ready for our 2019 spring Antiques and Old Stuff Show, we like to make sure all of our ducks are in a row. Well, all of our chicks in a row. Getting everything ready for our show is hard work, but it’s not so bad with a little bit of determination and inspiration. For a bit of beauty, we turn our beaks to our wonderful companions in the vintage circuit. We hope you find these Instagram accounts as delightful as we do!

1. @the_salvage_co

Hens are no strangers to the kind of vintage home furnishings and décor The Salvage Co has to offer, but their Southwestern style has us clucking with excitement. Maybe it’s an Arizona thing, but rust and chipped paint have never looked so good together.

2. @therustichouse

The Rustic House, of Chattanooga, TN, keeps their feed fresh by arranging their candles in a series of curated and visually pleasing ways. Another reason we love this company is that co-owners Emily Warr and Chelsea Cash frequently volunteer and give back to their community through their candle sales.

3. @anythingrustic

At nearly 8,000 followers, Anything Rustic has made a space for itself on Instagram with lovely photos of the rustic décor they sell, and regular updates on projects they work on. This account is designed with lovers of repurposed wood furniture in mind. The Fullerton, CA location of their retail shop makes Anything Rustic a frequent presence at the Long Beach Antique Market, as well as our Antique shows.

4. @thejunkgirls

It’s not hard to see why we love our fellow SLO county residents. Over 9,500 followers are treated to photos of the shop owners, the storefront in downtown San Luis Obispo, and updates that make everyone feel like part of the Junk Girls team. Their determination to “find beauty in the ordinary and character in a life well-lived” embodies the spirit that all junk enthusiasts strive for.

5. @junkstyledesign

Our hen-sized hats are off to Linda and Chris Bradford of Junk Style Design for maintaining a personal and intimate feed with 34.7k followers. The account is populated with news and sales updates from the couple from Long Beach, CA. The captions almost read like a friendly conversation about junk projects over a cup of coffee, and the occasional cookie photos from the Bradford family are precious.

6. @throughtheporthole

There is no denying that Through the Porthole brings interesting pieces to the table. If given the opportunity, the San Pedro, California-based couple will bring the table itself! We love California flags and vintage furniture as much as the next hens do, but there is a reason this account has collected 45.3k followers. The artistic composition of the photographs they post highlight the unique beauty of giving new life to old items without compromising their existing personalities.

We are thrilled to have some of these lovely vendors at our show on May 4 and 5 this year. There is nothing like meeting people from all over the country who share our love of all things just. We hope that you can make it to this year’s Spring Show. After all, birds a-feather flock together!


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