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What inspires you to collect?

Is it finding a great bargain or a great story on a unique item? Is it finding a new use for an old item? The thrill of the hunt? Or, like me, Is it using your imagination and mixing mid century with modern pieces to create your own repurposed masterpiece!

I love that every collector is inspired by their own unique style when hunting for collectibles! It gives way to so many unique opportunities that are meant to be shared with other avid collectors, family members and friends. That is what makes Vintage Market Shopping so fun! The opportunities are endless.

At Three Speckled Hens, Antiques and Old Stuff show, you will find just that! Endless opportunities to find the perfect quirky collectible, the farmhouse staple, a cottage keepsake, reclaimed everything to rustic elements and vintage flair. Each Booth will roll out something new to see and tap into your inner inspired self. No two dealers are alike and every turn brings a new adventure with things collected along the way.

I am so looking forward to the travel souvenirs, whimsical treasures from yesteryear and star spangled Americana that will soon grace the Paso Robles Event Center! We have a new footprint this fall. In true junker fashion, we are mixing things up and moving the show into the newly remodeled Estrella Building and Mission plaza. We will still utilize The Adelaide Building and Main Quad area and our dealers will spread out for your shopping convenience.

Be sure to check out the beautiful spaces these dealers painstakingly arrange for our shopping pleasure! You will see their own personal touches come together in an Art-full manner purposefully intended to conjur a lifetime of memories from visiting grandads farm, the family lake house or cottage as a youngster and maybe find new inspiration for your newly acquired collections!

Your inspiration awaits you...

Hope to see you there!

📣 You can buy your tickets today! Go to:

✨🐓✨ We have extended our 15 Year Anniversary ticket promotion called, " Shake your Tail Feather" through the 23rd so get your $15/person ticket right away! The special promotion allows entry into the Friday night feathered frenzy, Saturday morning early bird and general admission. You receive all three sessions for one special price. ✨🐓✨

Be sure to share your ideas for inspiration in the comment section below. We love to hear from our Three Speckled Hens Friends!



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Three Speckled Hens

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Lupe Nunez
Lupe Nunez
14 de set. de 2023

I have lived in the Paso Robles area for 12 years and a lady who owned the cutest antique store told me about this event and I loved going to it until they started charging for parking and the entrance fee went way up.

Respondendo a

Hello Lupe,

The charge for parking is by the Paso Robles Event Center, we do not have any control over that fee. They use that money to maintain the parking lot and fix the wear and tear our events bring to the event center.

The ticket price has been reduced this year as a promotion for our 15th Anniversary! The 2 day pass is only $15 and that covers all three sessions, The Friday Night Frenzy, Saturday Early Bird and General Admission!

You are very lucky to live in Paso! I was born and raised their before I moved to Texas 8 years ago. I enjoy the opportunity to go back and work at The Event center for this event!

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