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Vendor Spotlight - Happy Acres farm

We are so thrilled to be a part of this year’s Three Speckled Hens!

Founded in 2009 by our grandmother and mother, Happy Acres Family Farm is a small, central coast located, family-owned business offering all natural, high quality goat milk skincare products.

Once our mom discovered the benefits of goat milk after owning her first goat, Stella, it became clear that she needed to find a way to share the goodness of goat milk with the world. We take immense pride in continuing on the legacy that was built by family before us. 

 Every goat at Happy Acres is given a name, and is treated with the most kindness and respect that we can give them. We believe that animal care directly impacts the quality of the product given. Happy goats means only the best of the best for our customers; and it doesn’t stop there. We strive to source each ingredient ethically in every one of our unique recipes.

 Growing up in this area, we have seen the close knit and special community that is the central coast. We are beyond excited to share our passion and hard work with all of you at the Three Speckled Hens! 



✨🐓✨ We look forward to seeing everyone on October 6th and 7th at the beautiful Paso Robles Event Center! ✨🐓✨

✨🐓✨ Be sure to purchase your tickets right away, we have extended the " Shake your Tail Feathers"

15 year anniversary ticket promotion for another week! You can purchase the Friday Night Frenzy, Saturday Early Bird & General Admission, all for one price of $15 per person! The ticket is good for re-entry! ((We will end this promotion on September 23rd))

For the love of goats 🐐!

❤️ Kimber

The New Chick in The Hen House

Three Speckled Hens


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