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Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Fall Show

Can you believe that the fall Antiques & Old Stuff Show is THIS weekend?! As show time rolls around each season, we try to put down our to-do lists and take a minute to appreciate the many reasons we do what we do. Whether this is your first Three Speckled Hens show, or you just want to reminisce with us, check out these Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Fall Show!

Reason 5: The Food and Drinks

After months and months of planning, we can’t help ourselves but stop by one of the bars at the show (who doesn’t love a good Bloody Mary to kick-off a day of antiquing?). From mimosas and wine, to sangria and margaritas, our bars serve something for everyone.

 We Hens get pretty hungry throughout the day, which is why we love to take a peck at the tri-tip sandwiches and pizza! Keep your eyes peeled at the Fall Show for local, gourmet food trucks!

Reason 4 – One-of-a-kind Treasure

 Our dealers bring the most unique and one-of-a-kind pieces to the Antiques & Old Stuff Show. From hand-carved pumpkins to antique furniture to custom metal signs, you won’t find a collection like this anywhere else.

While it might not be a surprise to see antiques make the list (I mean, we are an antique show), you may be shocked that this is only reason four. After many years of following our passion, we realized that much more goes into these shows than just the antique pieces. Keep reading for the top three reasons to attend the Fall Show!

Reason 3 – Fellow Treasure Hunters

There’s nothing like running into an old friend or a fellow collector you follow on Instagram at our Antiques & Old Stuff Show! When you arrive at the fall show, you will be immersed in the world of antiques and treasures. You may come to the show with the intention of refurnishing your home, but you will leave with something much more valuable: the friendship of your fellow treasure hunters.

Reason 2 – Amazing Dealers

We truly would not be able to make our dream of an antique show come true without all of our fabulous dealers! With the diverse treasures and experiences they provide, our dealers make each show a unique experience. To introduce you to our dealers, we highlight a handful of them leading up to each show in our Dealer Spotlight series. For a full list of dealers that you will catch at the fall show, click here.

Reason 1…

After being in the antique show business for over a decade, it was easy to recognize the top reason to attend our shows. That reason is … YOU!

Our followers, fans, friends, and attendees are what truly makes the late nights and long days worth it. The success of the Three Speckled Hens Antiques & Old Stuff Show is all because of the support and love that we receive from each and every one of you.

If you haven’t bought your ticket by now, don’t worry! Tickets will be available at the front gate on Saturday and Sunday,October 29 and 30. Follow our Instagram story for a full play-by-play of each day at the Fall Show. Thank you for being our #1; we look forward to seeing you soon!


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