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The Hens’ Christmas Wish List

December is here and so is the chilly weather! We’ve been hunkered down in the coop to put together our wish list for Santa. From hosting shows, to working with our vendors, we think we’ve been nice enough this year to receive at least a few items on our list. These are just some of the treasures we’d love to get our claws on.

#1: A Clock

Given how fast this year went by, we decided it might be a good idea to get a clock for the coop. This big wall clock will look beautiful in our nest and yours! 

Photo Credit: An Antique Home Facebook

#2: Journals

In addition to the clock keeping our chickens in a row, we plan on journaling about some of our favorite antiquing adventures! And with the help of these journals made from vintage books, we don’t foresee us having trouble forgetting them anywhere! Check out this dealer to reminisce on a few of your favorite childhood classics.

Photo Credit: The Attic Journals Instagram (@atticjournals)

#3 – Inspiration Signs

Encouraging words are always important. There is no better way to inspire and remind yourself of your mantra than having it hang right in front of your beak to see every day. 

Photo Credit: Remember When Home Furnishings Instagram (@rememberwhen_hf)

#4 – Trendy Tops

These trendy tops are just what we’ve been looking for to add to our wardrobe! This dealer has so many darling shirts to spice up all of your outfits.

Photo Credit: Remember When Home Furnishings Instagram (@rememberwhen_hf)

#5 – A Fun Teapot

It’s always tea time in our mind! We’ve been on the lookout for a fun, new teapot and this beauty caught our eyes instantly. Check out this dealer for anything from trendy tea kettle to vintage typewriters, they have it all, and antique. 

Photo Credit: Homeplace Antiques Facebook

#6 – Jewelry

Ladies and hens, you can never have too much jewelry. From statement necklaces to beaded bracelets, our dealers sell nothing but stunning pieces.

Photo Credit: Junk to Treasure Facebook​

#7 – Lavender Pouches

Did you know that lavender contains calming and soothing properties that promote sleep? With all the clucking and crowing, we are in need some of a sleep aid to help us roost in peace! Get yours today to start sleeping well tonight.

Photo Credit: Ludwiga’s Linen Website

#8 – Caramels

We’ve got sweet beaks and are suckers for caramels. We love these treats so much that we’re hoping Santa gets us each a caramel club membership, which would deliver us handmade caramels four times a year!

Photo Credit: Sugar and Spoon Caramels Website

#9 – A Tote

This dealer has such cute totes and we are shaking our tail feathers for this one in particular.

Photo Credit: Vintage Addiction Website

We wish you all a very happy holiday with your loved ones and hope Santa brings you everything you asked for!


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