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Rules & Regulations

1. Dealer agrees to pay a booth fee, dependent on size and location of booth. Full payment is due upon receipt of confirmation e-mailed to you. If payment is not received within the framework of the contract you will risk loss of your booth.

2. Each Booth space may vary in shape but they are approximately the sizes stated. Dealer placements are based on several items including, but not limited to, date contract received, overall product mix and number of booths rented.

3. Show dates are Friday, April 26th - Saturday, April 27th, 2024 

Friday Feathered Frenzy: 12 PM - 8 PM

General admission Saturday 8 Am - 4 PM

Standard Dealer set up is Thursday, April 25th, 9 AM-4 PM, and Friday, April 27th, 8 AM - 1130 AM.

4. Please arrive 30 minutes BEFORE the sale each day. The site will be open one (1) hour prior to and one (1) hour after event hours for restocking your booth. Please unload and IMMEDIATELY remove your vehicle from the loading area BEFORE setting up your booth.

5.  All vehicles must display a TSH parking pass during loading and unloading, to be supplied by TSH. The Paso Robles Event Center now requires parking passes on all cars within the grounds at all times.

6.  Absolutely no early takedown or packing of merchandise before the close of the show at 4 pm on Saturday

7.  TSH will provide Dealer wristbands for dealers and their assistants, not to exceed two (2) Assistants per Booth. You are required to wear the wristbands at all times while on the grounds. 

8. Each Dealer is solely responsible for their property and its security of it while at the event. Be aware of and take action to prevent shoplifting from occurring in your booth. Have someone in attendance at your booth during the entire event.

9. Keep your spaces neat in appearance, restocked, and staged in accordance with Three Speckled Hens' standards. Checkout, merchandise, dealer chairs/stools/benches, and all displays must be kept within your designated space.

10. Remove and take all trash belonging to you.

11.  All back stock, moving equipment, and packing products (boxes, tubs, etc.) must be stored out of sight.

12. No selling of any offensive/dangerous merchandise, as this is a family event. Merchandise must be clean, in good condition, clearly priced, and in keeping with the season, price range, and image of TSH. It is important that you stay within our guidelines of 80% antique and 20% reproduction accessories in order to give continuity to our show.  Three Speckled Hens reserves the right to refuse any merchandise we find unfit.

13.  TSH does not supply backdrops or partitions; dealers will bring their own if they desire. We ask that tables are covered. All awnings, pop-ups, or easy-ups must be white in color or approved by TSH.

14. Park ONLY in the designated Dealer Parking Lots. DO NOT park in the customer lot across the street from the Event Center. 


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