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General Information


  • Booth Space prices are listed on the contracts and on the "For Dealers" page above.

  • Early Set-Up - Wednesday noon to 4pm.

  • Tables are free, but MUST be requested on your contract.

  • Electricity is $10 PER booth


  • Within a few weeks after your contract is received, you will get an invoice from the Three Speckled Hens. Payment is due within two weeks. Failure to comply may result in loss of your booth.

  • Checks are payable to Three Speckled Hens.

  • Credit Cards are accepted for a 3% service fee of the total charged.

  • Payment address: Three Speckled Hens, PO Box 850, Templeton, CA 93465.



It is your responsibility to have the proper permits to sell at the show. By law, we report your Seller's Permit number to the Stare Board of Equalization prior to the show. If you do not supply the proper information we will not be able to accept you into the show.

  • 8.75% is Paso Robles Tax

  • CA Resident Seller Permit: 800-400-7115

  • Non-Resident Seller Permit: 916-227-6600


For temporary permits the information you will need to complete the application:

Three Speckled Hens

Dealer & Venue Manager

PO Box 850

Templeton, CA 93446

If you have other questions please contact the State Tax Board at 916-227-6600 for additional assistance.


  • The venue has large air conditioning vents. Due to the heat index in Paso Robles, it is often necessary to have the air conditioner running. Please dress accordingly, we cannot do anything about the vents.


  • Returning dealers have first rights to the booth they occupied last (for two shows running) as long as the current contract is received by the deadline. After that date the Hens' have the right to give that booth to another dealer requesting that location.

  • Dealers requesting a change in location or new dealers are placed on several factors including, but not limited to, date of contract received, over all product mix and number of booths rented. 

  • At all times the Hens retain the right to place dealers in the location of their choosing.


  • Dealers must have the supplied Three Speckled Hens Parking Pass displayed in the windshield of their cars.

  • The Paso Robles Event Center is now charging for all parking, if your vehicle does not have a parking permit in the windshield you may be charged or towed.

  • Please only park in the designated Dealer Parking area only.

  • DO NOT park in the lot across from the Event Center, that lot is for our guests only.


The venue is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the restrooms, common areas and the entrances. If you notice any issues please contact your booth manager.

All booth housekeeping is the responsibility of the dealer. Three Speckled Hens will not provide brooms or other cleaning supplies. Please bring them with you.

After the show it is your responsibility to have all large trash items or debris from displays (ex. Straw, confetti, etc), cleaned up and discarded in the trash cans provided by PREC.


There is no on-site storage available for extra inventory or boxes. 


We recommend that you do not leave valuables in your booth overnight. Three Speckled Hens is not responsible for lost or damaged property, per your Dealer Contract.

However, Three Speckled Hens does their best at avoiding the issue of theft to the best of their ability. The buildings are locked every evening. Additionally, an on-site, security guard is hired by the Three Speckled Hens starting Friday evening through Saturday at 8:00 PM.


Insurance is provided through the Event Center.


There are a few ATM machines throughout the grounds.



Your booth manager will give you a Dealer Donation Card to our Golden Egg Giveaway. If you would like to donate an item from your booth or give a monetary credit to be used in your booth (no percentage off, please), complete this card and either place it in the jar at the Information Booth or give it to your manager. Drawings will be held approximately every 30 minutes during the entire two day show. If your card is drawn your business name and booth number will be broadcast over the PA system by our professional deejay. This is optional for our dealers to join in. However, we have found it has been very well received and is good advertising for you and a fun giveaway for our shoppers!

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