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From Kimber


Welcome to the Spring Show! Did it circle around fast for you too?

I will use this space to share information with you all as the details roll in over the next few months. This will allow you access to the information more efficiently than waiting for an email reply from yours truly.

We have postcards distributed throughout the community. Stop by any local antique store to grab a stack for yourself!

*****‼️The new show map is ready and published on our website. Today is 4/18/24.

We had a floor map change due to the construction project at the main gate. The new entry point will be located at the admin gate. This will draw our customers into the fairgrounds at the corner of the Ponderosa building or at the base of the waterfall.

With this change in the focal point, it was necessary to move into the Ponderosa building from the Estrella building. We were able to make an exact flip with minor adjustments to some booth spaces.

We are completely full on outside space but have one space available in each building if we know someone who would like to join at the last minute.

This floor plan is very familiar to our shoppers as the Hens have used this set up in the past.

We ordered additional posters to put out on Riverside Avenue. I have loaded my truck full of easels, frames and repurposed headboard signs to help direct traffic from the gate to all of the dealer locations. Our food vendors will be located at the island bar location outside of the Adelaide building on the main quad.

Andy Morris, Jacks Helping hand and the Templeton Valley Farm truck will be situated at the entrance with the Hens staff sharing maps and giving directions.

‼️One very important note to read:

our hired hands Need to know if you need help unloading or setting up.

Please send an email to Kimber

We need to know what time you plan to arrive, your phone number and our hired hands will call you to make arrangements with you,

We have ATM machines on site! One is located at the entrance of the Plaza in front of The Adelaide Building. I will update on the 2nd location.

Our move in manager will arrange helpers for your business.


✨Wednesday 4/24/24

Early Dealer Check-in 12pm - 4pm

Hens Manager Meeting 4pm - 530pm

✨Thursday 4/25/24

Dealer Check in 9am - 4pm

✨ Friday 4/26/24

Dealer Check in 9am - 11am

Open to The Public 12pm - 8pm(restock)

✨Saturday 4/27/24

Open to The Public 8am - 4pm

Tear down/move out 4pm - 8pm

Will update WiFi Info!


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