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Farm Stand: The Next Generation

Hello fellow Speckled Hens, Susi here! I have lived on a farm for over 25 years and it has been quite the journey! My family and I went from city slickers to country folk and haven’t turned back since. We truly are blessed to be live on our acreage and enjoy the farming lifestyle. This summer, my grandkids embraced the country life and had a blast.

When I first moved to my ranch, we knew next to nothing about farm life, especially growing our own food. At some point, I turned my vegetable garden into a flower garden and my vegetables came from the local Farmers’ Market. Now, the next generation is strapping on their boots and grabbing a shovel! As we bid adieu to August and welcome in September, my grandkids decided to end their summer with their own little farmers’ market.

My grandchildren have been spending many hours tending to their vegetable garden and, after six months, their hard work and dedication has paid off. What started as a few budding plants has turned into a kitchen filled to the brim with produce. With so many flavorful and fresh vegetables, they wanted to share their fun with the community. And so, the Farm Stand of the next generation came to life right in front of our house.

Bursting with excitement, my grandchildren set out one sunny Saturday morning to sell the produce they so proudly grew themselves. Their joy and youthful energy were contagious and I scrapped my plans for the weekend to join the fun.

They sold so much produce on Saturday that they spent the whole next morning picking and replenishing their stock to reopen their Farm Stand. Family is my greatest joy and to see my grandchildren spend their summer on the farm warms my heart. They are learning an appreciation for farming and agriculture. Who knows, there may be a farmer or two in my brood of grandkids!

Well, the weekend was a huge success and life lessons were learned on their first attempt at business. Growing the next generation of humans, one step at a time.


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