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Dealer Spotlight: Twisselman Trading Company

For this week’s Dealer Spotlight, we are diving into the lives of Garrett and Natasha Twisselman from Twisselman Trading Company! Their beautiful, hand-crafted metal signs are impossible to miss around the Paso Robles Event Center at our Antiques & Old Stuff Show. Read below on how they bring their passion to life!

From a young age, Garrett Twisselman often found himself using his creativity and natural talent with metal to craft beautiful and meaningful gifts for friends and family. He enjoyed the challenge of finding ways to repurpose used materials, such as corrugated tin from old barns or recycled wine barrel rings, to create new items with a different function. As life moved forward through college, work, and a young family, Garrett found he had less and less time to pursue his passion for making people happy through his metalwork.

His wife, Natasha, encouraged him to find a way to do what made him happy and the idea for Twisselman Trading Company took shape. While it had always been a far-off dream to own and operate his own business, they decided that now was as good a time as any.

In 2015, he took the plunge to pursue his metal fabrication business full-time, with Natasha joining full-time in 2017. Today, the business continues to grow and support the Twisselman Family, through online sales all around the country and in-person sales at local Central Coast events and retailers. Getting to form lasting relationships and friendships with customers, and seeing their metal products bring joy to others have been true perks of this wild ride that is owning a small business. Getting to tinker and build and create to his heart’s content provides endless amounts of happiness and joy to Garrett and makes the whole endeavor worth it.

Garrett and Natasha love that they get to spend their days creating high-quality, hand-crafted metal pieces that truly represent their customers’ unique and authentic identities in their homes, businesses, and the gifts they give. Whether they are sending out pre-designed items or one-of-a-kind custom orders, Garrett and Natasha take extreme pride and care in the quality and craftsmanship of each piece that leaves their shop.

Twisselman Trading Company helps their customers express their individuality and authenticity in their homes, businesses and the gifts they give by creating high-quality, unique, and hand-crafted metal products. Visit their booth at the fall Antiques & Old Stuff Show on September 28 & 29, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Tickets are available now!


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