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Dealer Spotlight: Sea + Green

One of our new dealers this Spring is Sea + Green. This family business from Central California blends vintage and handmade goods that we cannot wait to feature at our Spring Show from April 29th to May 1st. Get to know them below!


Who are you? Sea + Green is a collective of vintage and handmade goods inspired by the sea and rooted in nature. Sea + Green was started over a decade ago by Rebecca and is now a family business, including husband Jason and their two daughters Willa and Anza.

Where are you from? Originally east coasters we moved to San Diego in the late 90’s then back to New Jersey in 2004 and then we relocated to the Central California coast two years ago.

What do you sell? We sell a unique combination of vintage, antiques, curiosities, crystals, plants, jewelry, surfboards, and more.

How did you get into your business as a dealer? Rebecca has been a picker, like her mother, for much of her life. And a collector, like her father, sometimes has a hard time letting things go. We love the thrill of sharing our finds, meeting new people, and sourcing more pieces at flea markets and shows.

What is your favorite treasure you have found/sold? I would have to say one of our favorite treasures we found and sold is this antique plaster and concrete rondel from a mansion on the Jersey Shore. (Pictured below)

What is one find you cannot part with? This stacked antique drawer wood cabinet was found in an old barn in Massachusetts and we cannot part with it.


What are you most looking forward to during the Three Speckled Hens Spring Show? We are looking forward to our first TSH show and sharing all of our found treasures. We are so excited to meet all the people showing and attending. And we can’t wait to shop it ourselves!


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