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Dealer Spotlight: Junk U Say

We are a few weeks away from our fall Antiques and Old Stuff Show and that means it is time to get to know a few of our dealers! This week’s dealer has been attending our show for five years and still can’t get enough. Let’s meet Liz from Junk U Say!

How were you first introduced to antiquing?

I used to shop at thrift and junk stores every weekend with my mom. That is truly where my passion for vintage pieces and antiques began. I remember attending my first juried sale and was in awe of all the displays the vendors meticulously created.

How did thrift shopping turn into Junk U Say?

Junk U Say is myself and my partner Izzy. We have always had a soft spot for Junk, so why not make our lives about it! Collecting and displaying finds have always been a passion of mine, so taking our junk on the road is a dream come true. When I finally retired from work, I applied to the Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff Show. That was our first show five years ago, and we haven’t turned back since.

How have your past experiences prepared you for antique shows?

Well, I started as a visual display assistant at several department stores. I also have an artistic side—painting, building, and creating. So, as you can imagine, I find the most joy in picking, refurbishing, and styling our booths.

When you aren’t displaying your passion for junk at our show, where can we find you and Izzy?

We can usually be found at estate sales, yard sales and in our workshop getting ready for the next show, of course! My true artistic side shines during our down time because I love making and embellishing bird houses. Plus, it brings me so much joy when someone buys and appreciates the one-of-a-kind creations we make. 

Last question, what pieces are a must-have when you are junk-hunting?

We really love architectural wood or metal pieces! Also, my own personal collections are vintage cameras and tin toys!

Don’t miss Liz and Izzy’s beautifully crafted Junk U Say booth at the fall show on September 28 & 29! Get your ticketsnow and skip the line at the gate. See you soon!


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