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Dealer Spotlight: Junk Style Design

Only one week until our spring Antiques and Old Stuff Show, and we are excited to see you all shopping in the Hen House soon! This week, our Dealer Spotlight is featuring Linda Bradford from Junk Style Design, where the rusty and dusty is repurposed and reused.   

Tell us about your “junker” style.

We find style in junk that would otherwise be lost or forgotten. When folks ask me what my style is, I simply have them refer to our business name - Junk Style. I think that pretty much says it all!

When did you begin searching for junk?

I have been a junker since college – always heading to swap meets, flea markets and antique stores on weekends with college roommates. I have always loved finding the potential in the rusty and dusty, the far from perfect pieces that speak to my heart. These are the pieces that continue to draw us today and what we look for in adding to our warehouse.

How did the concept for Junk Style Design begin?

My husband Chris (better known as #warehouse) and I retired and downsized over eight years ago from a large home in Northern California. Chris went out and bought a used U-Haul truck to move our “more junkier” pieces down to Long Beach to sell at our local flea market. That’s when my hobby turned into a full-fledged business. We couldn’t believe it! We now have 1200 square feet of warehouse space in Long Beach!

What can we expect to see at the Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff Show?

Chris and I are always on the hunt for our junk style finds. Our favorite buying trip is to Texas twice a year where we schlep through mucky fields and dig for hidden treasures. We look for everything from furniture to art and home décor, so keep an eye out for those fun pieces!

It is our joy to find something special that has been lived with and loved by someone else. Each piece we choose for you has a history and a story to tell.  Let’s just say, if I would put it in my own home- you will find it at the Three Speckled Hens Show!

Where can we find Junk Style Design?

In addition to the Three Speckled Hens show in May, you can find us at our warehouse in Long Beach where we host an Open Warehouse four times a year. We also set up at vintage markets throughout California and Arizona. Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Facebook, too!

Be sure to stop by to see Junk Style design and check out their uniquely revived décor at the upcoming spring show on May 4 & 5 at the Paso Robles Event Center. Tickets are on sale now! For more Dealer Spotlights and updates on the show, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.



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