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Dealer Spotlight - Julia C. Maxwell

Specializing in American silver plate and sterling flatware and hollowware. What started as a collecting hobby in the early 1970’s morphed into a business by the 1980’s and at 85 Julia is still going strong!

Of her three kids only Elizabeth was interested in the antique profession and they both bring their knowledge and expertise in helping you to choose a pattern or expand upon one you already collect.

There is also a real culinary aspect to their silver that appeals to foodies and mixologists alike as well as the re-use and artistry of people who fabricate art from utensils, BUT they educate these artisans about rare and desirable patterns!

If you’ve put your grandmother’s teaspoon down the garbage disposal we’re your girls and can not only identify your pattern but in all probability replace it at Three Speckled Hens fabulous show!

Cold War Era Moscow Mule Mugs

Circa 1915 or earlier Twist Handle Butter Serving Knife .

You can see more of these great displays at This years Three Speckled Hens Antiques & Old Stuff Show! October 6 & 7 at The beautiful Paso Robles Event Center, located on Riverside Avenue.

Buy your tickets today!

The "Shake Your Tail Feather" 15 year anniversary Ticket Promotion was extended through the 23rd! You can access all 3 sessions for one great price, $15/person.

See you in 17 days!

❤️ Kimber

The New Chick in The Hen House ✨🐓✨

Three Speckled Hens


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