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Dealer Spotlight: Hippie Cow Camp

The fall Antiques & Old Stuff Show is just over a week away! Get ready to strut your stuff at the fall show with this week’s Dealer Spotlight. For our dealer this week, we are chatting with Lisa Kuhnle about the Hippie Cow Camp and the vintage vision that keeps her and her daughter, Jena, busy in their craft.

Lisa, what sparked your passion for repurposing?

As the matriarch of it all, I established my love of pickin’ young! I moved 14 times throughout my childhood, all over the Western United States. I remember my mother always finding a way to fix up any house we traveled to, no matter how limited our resources were. My passion for repurposing grew when I married my high school sweetheart and we established our home on the family ranch in Carrisa Plains.

Who is a part of the Hippie Cow Camp Tribe?

Jena and I started Hippie Cow Camp as a mother-daughter duo based in the quiet and serene valley of Carrisa Plains, California. We also have help from my wonderful husband, Alex, who is a talented craftsman. He regularly takes my visions and brings them to life. With a long line of pickers in the family, it’s no wonder my daughter, Jena, the other half of Hippie Cow Camp, also shares a passion for junkin’!

What can we find at Hippie Cow Camp?

Jena is fortunate to have a job that allows her to travel all over the United States, so many of Hippie Cow Camp’s finds have traveled cross-country, in the bottom of Jena’s suitcase, to make their way back to you. In addition to retro finds, Jena always has her typewriter by her side, typing custom poems on the spot. Along with unique vintage items including furniture, decor, and knick knacks, Hippie Cow Camp also features handmade items. My husband or son, Cooper, craft these pieces that are dreamed up by myself or Jena.

I also recently obtained a leather sewing machine and began to create personalized leather handbags and clothing. You are sure to walk away from Hippie Cow Camp with a one-of-a-kind item in hand. Now, that is exciting!

How can we find Hippie Cow Camp?

We invite you to stop by Hippie Cow Camp’s booth at the Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff show on September 29 & 30, where we will be showcasing some of the great items we talked about. For more information, visit our Instagram


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