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Dealer Spotlight: Antiques by Freitas

The Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff Show is just weeks away, on May 5 & 6. With so much excitement building, we are ready to shake our tail feathers! Check out our new Dealer Spotlight that is something pretty great to crow about.

For our second feature in this popular series, we are getting to know Kathleen Freitas with Antiques by Freitas. Read below to learn how she caught the antiquing bug and visit her during the spring show at Booth 301.

How did your passion for antiques begin?

I started in the antique business in 1992 with a friend and we jumped in feet first, buying storage units from Bakersfield to the coast and as far north as Sacramento. My friend’s mother had some experience with buying, collecting, and selling antiques, so we learned a lot from her.

Soon, we bought a pick-up truck and started buying abandoned units at storage rental businesses. Most of the time, we bought the unit without being able to see everything inside, but we could view from outside the door, which always made for an interesting investment!

Once you had the goods, how did start showcasing at antique shows?

We started selling at our local swap meets and then graduated to renting a booth in a local antique store. We couldn’t believe it, we were growing! Later, we opened our own store named Tumbleweeds, then eventually sold the business and ventured on to selling at antique shows. 

 How would you describe your antiquing style?

We are very eclectic and you can find almost any type of treasure at the shows we sell at. Our favorite products are anything vintage and primitive including toys, pottery, quilts, garden gems, tools, metal, wood and cast iron.

Why did you start selling at the Antiques and Old Stuff Show?

A little birdie from Visalia tipped me off about the Three Speckled Hens show and told us it was amazing! I took her advice and started selling at the Antiques and Old Stuff show and loved it!

Selling at Three Speckled Hens was the greatest move that we could have ever made. The Hens are the most professional that we have ever worked with since we first started attending, and it is always a fantastic show! A definite win-win in our eyes. We have been selling at this show now for over four years. 

What are some new projects in the works for Antiques by Freitas?

Recently, we have been helping families sort through their properties and organize estate sales or selling older items on commission. People do not know what to do with their family belongings when they lose a loved one, especially with so much emotion tied to a loss. We come in and give support, advice and help in whatever is needed. 

The antique business is my passion and providing customers with good merchandise at good prices and fills me with joy. We have definitely found our niche!

To learn more about Kathleen and her antiquing business, head to her Facebook page. Be sure to stop by the Antiques by Freitas booth at the spring Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff Show to meet Kathleen and her husband. Tickets are now on sale, so buy today! Don’t forget to join our email list to receive insider tips and special deals as you prepare for the spring show on May 5 & 6.


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