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Q: How will information be communicated before the show?

A: The Hens will email a series of updates to you in the weeks leading up to the Three Speckled Hens' Show. These emails will be posted here on the private dealers page. If you have lost an email and need some of the information, please check back here on the main page.

Q: When I arrive where do I go?

A: The Event Center is located on Riverside between Gregory to the South and 24th St to the North. Turn east on Gregory and go to the Flower Gate. Please line up behind the vendor in front of you. We will greet you at the gate with your parking passes. Each vehicle MUST have a parking pass displayed within its windshield. Vehicles without parking passes risk the possibility of being towed. 

Q: Where do I find my booth number?

A: Your booth number is listed on your invoice under payment information.

Q: Where do dealers park their vehicles?

A: There is dealer parking within the Event Center. You are supplied with a parking permit from the Three Speckled Hens. The Paso Robles Event Center is now charging for all parking. If you do not have your parking permit in the windshield you may be charged to park. Any vehicle without the permit risks the possibility of being towed.

Q: Where do I get a parking permit?

A:  When you arrive and check in, you will be given two parking permits. They MUST be displayed within the windshield of your vehicle at all times while participating in the show. If you have more than two vehicles you may ask for more permits. However, EVERY vehicle must display the permit or you will be given a citation.

Q: What can I expect on set up day?

A: Someone will visit each booth as  set it is being set up. You will be given your name tags, instructions on how to get help to move your large sold items, how to tag your sold items, an apron (if desired), and a booth marker.

Q: What are the pink citations?

A: Citations are given for three reasons: 1) A dealer has items outside the area of their booth; 2) A vehicle is parked in a place it should not be in, or 3) A vehicle does not have a parking pass displayed. If you need another parking pass please let us know.

Q: How does load-out work on Saturday?

A: When you are done packing up, you must be cleared by your manager, you will be given a "CLEARED" pass to be able to get your vehicle out of the lot. Once cleared you may go get your vehicle.  Do NOT start packing on Saturday before 4:00 PM. We are still charging customers to come in and we must keep our customers happy.

Q: How long do I have to pack-up and get out of the Event Center?

A: You MUST be packed up and off the premises by 8:00 PM Saturday night.

Q: Are there flatbeds, dollies or equipment for hauling goods available on site?

A: We do not supply flatbeds/dollies for loading or unloading. You must bring your own. 

Q: Is there a space to store sold products?

A: Yes, we have a holding area called "Pickin's". This is located near the Information booth. Please familiarize yourself with this area, it is where you will send your customers to pick up their items. 

Q: How does Pickin's work?

A. Each dealer will be given "Pickin's" tags. On that tag please put: 1)your booth number, 2)your customer's name (legibly) and 3)their cell phone number. We request that your customer bring the item to the Pickin's area. If that is not possible, either you bring it or call the number provided to get on a list to have the item picked up from your booth. Please be patient, we get so busy we often have a wait time of over 45 minutes.  Please inform your customer of the possible wait time and if they opt out then it is up to you to help them get the item to their vehicle. 

Q: What happens if the staff for Pickin's breaks one of my items?

A: Three Speckled Hens assumes no liability for any broken item(s). This service is provided as a optional courtesy to the dealers to be used at the discretion of the dealers. If there is a loose item or something that will break easily, it is up to you to point this out to the individual moving your item. 

Q: Do you provide some sort of identification for me as a dealer? 

A: Yes, each dealer and their workers will be given wrist bands to wear that identifies you as a dealer. Also, we will come to your booth during set up with name tags. Please DO NOT write on the name tags with any other pen than the one that the Hens will bring around on Friday. We also loan out our aprons with the Three Speckled Hens logo, if you choose to wear them. We ask that the name tags and aprons be returned at the end of the show. We will come get them during pack up time. 

Q: Does my booth come with tables?

A: No, the tables must be requested on your contract. The tables will be on a pallet located near your building/outdoor area. If you cannot find them please do not hesitate asking us where they are (or your neighbor may know ;)). These are provided without cost at this time.

Q:  What tools and garbage options are available?

A: Neither the Three Speckled Hens or the  Event Center has equipment such as ladders, brooms, or other tools.  There are plenty of trash receptacles throughout the venue. It is your responsibility to get put your trash in the bins. If you have large cardboard boxes you want to dispose of, please break them down and place them next to the trash can.

Q: May I pre-sell items to other dealers on set-up day?

A: We ask that you do not interrupt a vendor while they are unloading their vehicle. Time is of the essence when unloading as we have a limited number of parking spaces available. You may sell to another dealer, however, you may NOT have a sold sign on any items in your booth prior to opening on Friday. This is in deference to the Early Bird customers. You may put a "NFS" tag on the item, but ideally we ask that you remove it altogether from your booth. 

Q: May I then re-sell the item I just bought from another dealer?

A: No, you may not re-sell something that you bought from another vendor at the Three Speckled Hens show. After you leave the show, it is yours to do with as you want.

Q: May I sell other peoples' product in my booth?

A:  Absolutely not. Only approved dealers and their approved goods are allowed in your booth. 

Q:  If I am doing early set-up, may I arrive earlier than when it starts and walk around?

A:  No, Please respect the designated times. Our Insurance only covers you during our designated hours.

Q: May I sublet my booth to another vendor or share my space with a friend?

A. No, only the person who signed the contract is allowed to sell their product in the booth and you may not sublet your booth to another person.

Q: May I fudge and extend a bit out of  the borders of my booth?

A: No, due to Fire Dept. regulations, you must stay within the  taped measurements of your booth. If you are outside the lines of your booth, you will receive a citation (pink slip) of warning. You must move your items within the lines of your booth before the start of the show Saturday morning.

Q: May I bring my dog/animal? 

A: No, we do not allow pets at the show. Please respect this rule.

Q: List of Helpers for move in.

Patrick Flaherty # 805.215.4241

Alex Bazzell # 805.757.9123

Charlie Stansbury # 805.975.6318

Ted Swan # 805.801.4760


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