The Hens Take Round Top, Texas: Part Two

April 27, 2017


 We are just over one week away from our Three Speckled Hens Antiques & Old Stuff Show! Skip the ticket line at the Paso Robles Event Center on May 6 & 7, by heading to now to purchase your tickets online.


We Hens are still clucking about our big trip to Round Top, Texas, and we can’t wait to share the rest of our adventure with you! In case you missed it, be sure to read Part One of our blog to catch up on the sights and sips of the first half of our journey. We’ll hop right in with Day Four of our Round Top adventure! 


Day Four


On Tuesday, we drove two hours north to Waco to visit the one-and-only Magnolia Market at the Silos. This was a must do on our Texas Bucket List as we are all huge fans of Joanna and Chip Gaines and the entire Fixer Upper show. Even after her slight tumble off the swing (from Part One), Susi grabbed some Aleve, climbed into our rented Suburban, and off we went.


We drove through the town of Waco and were greeted by the silos looming high above the cityscape. We were not disappointed. Jojo and Chip took a rusty metal mill with exposed scaffolding, beams and conveyors and turned it into a phenomenal destination! Besides the amazing store, you can purchase sweets at the bakery, seeds and gardening supplies at the Garden Shed and lunch at a variety of great food trucks. We spent several joyful hours shopping at the Magnolia Market.


On the way home we decided to stop for a bite to eat at Vitek’s BBQ, a Texas landmark! We ordered their famous Gut Pak and made a commendable attempt at finishing it. Feast your eyes on what that sandwich includes!


That evening we learned two things. The first was that Susi was more injured than we had originally thought, though she gritted her teeth so as not to ruin our trip. When we got back home to California the following week, we learned that Susi had broken two ribs! She never complained. In the spirit of the Hens, she bore her injury without squawking!


The other thing we learned that evening was how big things really were in Texas, like thunderstorms! A series of tornados was crossing Texas and Oklahoma, and we were on the fringe of those storms. Pelting rain, lightning and thunder that literally jarred your teeth! Carrie woke me in the middle of the night to witness the incredible lightning that seemed to be striking all around us. It was frightening and exciting all at the same time, and there were no breaks between the blinding flashes. A most incredible act of nature. That doesn’t happen much in Templeton, California!



Day Five


Wednesday was our day to go to the Marburger Farm Antique Show, one of the most famous shows in Round Top. Susi opted to stay home, stay still and do some healing. Lettice, Carrie and I ventured off to Marburger and found ourselves wallowing through huge mud puddles—the result of last nights’ storm. The three of us slowly sloshed through the mud, arms linked and looking like the old village ladies in a Russian movie!


Our good friend, Christian Brady of Uber Chic Home, had a booth at Marburger while his business partner, Dustin Rowser, had a booth at the International Designers Showcase down the road. Seeing both men was pure joy! They are talented dealers as well as great guys. We always have fun around the Uber Chic boys! Look for them at all our shows!


After visiting with Chris, we wandered down through the collection of tents that make up Marburger. We found many booths to our liking with great old pieces and vintage style. One of the booths that caught our eye was the Cottonseed Trading Company. Dealers Marsha and David Smith from Arkansas own that business, and within a matter of minutes we all became fast friends. Being our kind of people and our kind of dealer, we talked a blue streak trying to convince them to travel across the country to do our show. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they showed up?


Day Six


Day six of our trip was the most beautiful day in Texas! It felt like a warm spring day on the Central Coast — somebody turned off the humidity. Susi was feeling better and more than a little jealous over our fabulous finds, so we took off back to Marburger. Susi also fell in love the Smiths and purchased some of her own Cottonseed Trading Company goods. That night, we took Chris to dinner at our favorite Mexican cantina that serves those giant margaritas. He then followed us home to help load all our purchases into his huge rental truck. Chris was driving back to Los Angeles with all our purchases and things that he and Dustin had purchased for their business. It is so great having good friends with big trucks! Seriously, we are more than grateful to the Uber Chic Home boys for taking care of these old Hens!



Day Seven


Friday was departure day. We left our rental home in the Texas countryside and headed for Austin International Airport. By 9pm, we were all in our own homes in the coastal countryside of California.


And that is how the Hens take Round Top! For all of our readers, it is absolutely worth the trip. If you are a dealer, you will find amazing things for resale. If you are an antiques enthusiast, you will find amazing things to decorate your home. There is so much to see and do, so pick what shows you go to wisely. We had a blast on our trip and someday would love to go back.


We hope our Texas antiquing adventure has inspired you as much as it did us! We cannot wait to see even more fabulous finds at our 10-Year Anniversary Show on May 6 & 7, and hope you can join us. Happy hunting! 


The Hens





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