The Hens Take Round Top, Texas: Part One

April 21, 2017


The Three Speckled Hens Antiques & Old Stuff Spring Show is coming up quickly! Before you know it, the gates of the Paso Robles Event Center will open to a world of treasures and antiques for all to enjoy. To prepare for the May 6 & 7 Spring Show, the Hens took a road trip for the best finds in the nation! This two-part blog will take you on the road with the Hens to Round Top, Texas.


Do you have a Bucket List? Are you checking things off? The Three Speckled Hens plus one (our own Lettice) got to check a big one off our list a few weeks ago. We finally went to Round Top, Texas to visit the famous national Antiques Fair! This iconic flea market always comes right before our own Hens show and so it has never been good timing for us to leave town. However, this spring we had five weeks between shows so off we went to Texas. Bar-B-Que, great people, fabulous shopping and humidity! It’s all good!

We started off our trip with a three-hour delay sitting in San Luis Obispo Airport. Rain and fog in San Francisco were preventing our plane from leaving SFO en route to pick us up. When we finally made it to SFO we had to run to meet our connecting flight to Austin. Not an easy task with this group of old Hens. Lettice wears a body brace due to back surgery, Carrie has an injured shoulder, and I have a barely functional hand due to a horse accident. Susi was the only one in tip top shape (Hold that thought!). Lugging carry-ons and over stuffed canvas bags posing as purses, we made our connection right at boarding time. Once arrived in Austin, we hit the hay for the night!



Day One


On Saturday, Texas welcomed us with a bright and humid morning. After assuring each other that the humidity was really good for our complexions, we took off for The Original Round Top Antiques Fair.


Our first stop ended up being a gold mine with a large area for picking, some darling barn-like shops and a handful of pop-up tents lined the main intersection. We wasted no time in going through each site, thoroughly enjoying our first Texas junking foray. Day one in humidity was a bit of an adjustment, so we headed back to Austin in time for bats, bars and bar-b-que!



If you have ever been to Austin, you know that the bat colony under the Congress Avenue Bridge is not to be missed. Every night at sunset, millions of bats who live under the bridge take flight for their evening feeding frenzy. It is an incredible sight to see the swarms of bats that look like gray smoke swirling up into the sky!




We finished off the day with cocktails at the Corner Bar and our first taste of awesome Texas brisket bar-b-que at Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que. Cole slaw, macaroni salad, beans, bins of pickles and white Wonder bread round out the menu. Picnic-style eating is the only way to eat Texan!



Day Two


Day two of our adventure found us driving the hour and an half to the towns of La Grange and Warrenton, located just outside of the town of Round Top. We were so excited to see the array of tents all beckoning us with rustic knick-knacks.



Once in La Grange, we finally arrived at our rental home for the remainder of our trip. How pleasantly surprised we were to drive out into the country and find our house at the end of a long dirt driveway.


The house was an older ranch house set in among cattle pastures and a gorgeous stock pond. No other houses in sight just gorgeous mature trees, green pastures and quiet waters. Bird song and katydids were the only sounds to break the silence. We were in Heaven! The house itself was a large three bedroom and accommodated us all nicely.



That night, we ventured back into town for a wonderful Mexican food dinner at a local cantina along with a few refreshing margaritas. Back at our country home away from home, we sat around chatting about how we would decorate the house Hen-style before calling it a night. Off to bed as tomorrow promised to be another busy day on the hunt for the junk!



Day Three


For those who haven’t made the trek to Round Top, let us explain the environment. Round Top is a very, very small rural town with classic old homes and ranches along the main and only road. In the fields lining the main road, different shows are set up. Some “shows” had fifteen booths or tents of dealers while other “shows” had fifty dealers. The road that is considered the Round Top Market is 28 miles long! Almost impossible to hit every booth, but fun trying!



We had pre-purchased tickets to the Original Round Top Antique Show and waited in line anxiously with a hoard of shoppers for the doors to open to the beautiful barn venue. When the doors did open, we were a bit surprised! The entire building was filled with incredible 18th and 19th century primitive antiques! Beautiful pieces brought there by antique dealers from all over the nation.


We appropriately “oohed” and “awed” at the rare finds and tried our hardest to keep our wallets in our purses. We had miles of shopping ahead of us and we all felt we didn’t need to leave all our money at the first place. So off we went on down the road to a show called Zap Hall and the Junk Gypsies Mercantile. If you follow their blog you will know that the Junk Gypsies are two sisters that have marketed their style of glitz, glamour and cowboy boots into a thriving business. We so enjoyed shopping in their amazing store. I think we all bought a Junk Gypsy t-shirt!



After a great dinner, we moseyed back to our house and sat on the back porch swings to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset. Susi claimed one of the porch swings as her own and decided to sit sideways with her legs up on the swing. The rest of us watched as in slow motion the swing turned over dumping Susi on the ground. It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t violent but it landed Susi half on the dirt and half on the cement patio. I think we laughed until we realized Susi was a little sore after the tumble. She bravely moved into the house, took some pain meds and crawled very slowly into bed. Tomorrow was a big deal and she would be ready for it!



Finish catching up with the Hens in Part Two of their Round Top adventure next week! The Hens can’t wait to share all their great finds with everyone at the Antiques & Old Stuff Spring Show on May 6 and 7! Tickets are now available for purchase online and at the door. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for giveaways and in-the-moment updates during the show!




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