Love and Rust

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Three Speckled Hens! With so much love floating in the air today, we are recounting the stories of how our love affair with antiquing began. Each of our stories are a little bit different, but the end result is a deep, shared passion for hidden treasures that has grown into 10 years of bringing the best finds to our equally passionate fans!   

From the very beginning, antiques held a special place in Hen Susi’s heart. When she was a little girl, her grandmother would take her to antique auctions in Los Angeles, and they would spend their weekends perusing garage sales for unique finds. Her mom also had the antiquing bug and filled Susi’s childhood home with special handpicked and loved treasures. Susi has carried on this tradition with her children and grandchildren. Susi’s grandson, Oliver, and granddaughter, Molly are shown in the photo below in Susi's car packed full of antiques on New Year’s Day!  Susi plans to keep antiquing in the family for many years to come. 

Susi is a proud junker and enthusiastically displays her amazing finds in her home for family and friends to enjoy. Many of the pieces in her home were hunted at Three Speckled Hens shows. Check out some of Susi’s beautiful pieces in her home, including a totem pole from TSH dealer, Down Home Antiques.

It took Hen Carrie a little longer to fall in love with antiquing. As a child, she and her cousins made fond memories running and laughing through the halls of her grandparent’s home. The house, which was built by her grandfather, was filled with a plethora of rustic trinkets that all of the grandchildren loved. Her grandfather’s home would later be preserved as a historic landmark. Upon visiting the home as an adult, Carrie was filled with heartwarming memories of her grandparents and childhood, and that was the moment she caught the antiquing bug. After moving to the Central Coast in 1995, she developed lifelong friendships with the other Hens who helped nourish her inner treasure hunter. The rest was history (no pun intended). 


Hen Kathy fell in love with antiques when she just a tiny chick living on the East Coast. From the age of 9 until she was 15, her father took her to see all of the great historic sites. She was enamored with American history. Kathy admits being caught several times trying to reach past the ropes surrounding those enticing historic displays just to feel the treasures on the other side — she even touched the Liberty Bell! When she was older, she inherited her father’s cherished antiques and was able to build her own collection on top of his. She loves the history and sense of humanity that antiques express and always tries to embrace that sentiment in her finds.


Old and used things have always fascinated Hen Lettice. From the vintage highchair she sat in as an infant, to the antique school desk in her childhood room, she has always been attracted to pieces that offer a story. At 15, she traveled the country with her mother searching for the best antiques. That is when she bought her very first find — a French sterling silver lemon squeezer. 


The antiquing definitely didn’t stop there! When she and her husband got married, she dragged him to an antiques warehouse to pick out furniture. After seeing the beauty in the old furniture, her husband caught the antiquing bug, too! Now their house is filled with finds, from Swedish and German benches to an Irish dining table from the 1800s. They even have a 1948 red tractor on their property that they use as a directional landmark to help guests find their house. Antiques have been in Lettice’s heart from the very beginning, and she couldn’t imagine her home without them.     

Our love affair with antiquing is only growing stronger with every show. Each show brings new dealers, new fans, and new treasures that fuel our fire for fabulous finds. We would love to hear your antiquing love stories, since they inspire us too! Comment below and share how you caught the antiquing bug, and keep an eye out for our official Save the Date with special announcement coming soon!

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