Dealer Spotlight: Melissa Blue

September 15, 2016


Just over two weeks remain until our fall show, and that means we are halfway through our Dealer Spotlight Series. Today we are chatting with lifelong antiques enthusiast, Melissa Blue. Melissa shares how she found a way to turn her passion into a business and explains how her style is ever changing. Read about her beginnings and discover her unique style firsthand at the Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff Show on October 1-2, at the Paso Robles Event Center. Tickets are available now at, and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for some special Hen giveaways happening now!


We hear you started in the antiques business at a very young age. How did it all begin?

My parents were in the antiques business so I grew up surrounded by random pieces of furniture and unique trinkets adorning the walls and shelves of our home. When my mother began to focus on bisque dolls from Germany and France, I started a business costuming those dolls. That’s when I knew that this was my calling.


Do you have a favorite antiquing memory with your mother?

To this day, we still laugh about the time that she was driving us around to a few garage sales and we spotted a beautiful chair at one of our stops. Before she could even park, I jumped out of the moving car so I could beat her to the chair.

How did your passion lead to the antiques business you have today?

My schooling was in interior design, but the process of designing homes took too long. I was already on to the next thing before I could complete a project. While raising my kids in Arroyo Grande, I found time to hunt for vintage pieces in between soccer practice, track and theater lessons. For a short while, I even had a booth at A Glance into the Past Antiques. Eventually my passion turned to fixer uppers. If the house was old with charm, I just knew it had to be my next project. I would change my furniture style from project to project so began selling unused pieces on consignment. From there the business was born.  
How would you describe your style?

My style is always evolving. I am happiest around neutrals and earth tones, like the pale colors of the Gustavian style. I also love anything that is French, Belgian, or Old English. I have a passion for old tattered oil paintings, chandeliers, leather-bound books, and vintage garden ornaments.   


We also hear you are no novice to antiques shows. Tell us about your experience.  

I was asked to do my first vintage show about 11 years ago, and although my booth was poorly put together, the experience was unforgettable. I was hooked. I have now done over 39 shows to date, all in California, and I can’t wait to show at the Three Speckled Hens.


Have you learned anything from dealing at so many shows?

After years of experience I know I couldn’t do a show without the support of my husband and occasionally my adult children. They have gotten used to the fact that our house can get a little crazy before a show. I have learned to make pathways so they can get to the kitchen, but the product takes priority! 

Make sure to visit Melissa Blue’s booth at our fall show to see her unique finds and vintage style for the home, and check out our full List of Dealers now to see which of your other favorite dealers will be at the Paso Robles Event Center on October 1-2! Follow Melissa on Instagram or contact her at or (805) 709-6262 for more information on her products.   


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