Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff Shows are brought to you by Susi and Kathy. A fateful antique junket got our wheels spinning. “Why don’t we bring a fun, unique antique show to our home town?” Both of us have backgrounds in business and community leadership and more importantly we LOVE to antique. A few lemon drops later and we had formed a business plan and the Three Speckled Hens was born.


We met through our children and their various school activities. We became friends through hours of booster meetings and endless committees. We formed a bond through our "joy of country, love of antiques". Our mutual passion is producing our bi-annual "Three Speckled Hens" Antique Show. We live in an ideal place for an antique show. Paso Robles is on the Central Coast of California, half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and a fabulous vacation spot for the whole family. It is in the heart of wine growing region, with golf courses and beaches nearby. Nearby Templeton is a small, quiet town with a strong community spirit and a vision to preserve its colorful past. If feedlots, grain mills, cattle, barns and farms sound like something out of a movie, you need to visit! Weekends are often filled with specialty wine events, art shows, farmers' markets, and livestock auctions.


Kathy spent part of her formative years living on the east coast where she fell in love with American History and the idea that all old things hold the mystery and dignity of past lives. In homage to this spiritual connection, she reveres and collects all old things from button hooks and pewter, to crocks and old spurs. "I wanted to see if I could "feel" the history, so I was one of those kids who leaned over the red velvet ropes and stuck their finger in the crack in the Liberty Bell. No wonder it's behind glass now!" Kathy's still waiting to meet her first ghost, however, presumably while dusting one of her many antiques. Kathy and her husband live and work their family owned cattle ranch where their three sons are the fifth generation of the Marquart family to be born and raised.



Susi is the junker in the group. She lives on Willow Creek Farm with 4 generations of her family. Junking is a natural for her as her home is the original 100 year old + farm house. It had been neglected for many years when Susi and her husband came upon it fifteen years ago. After years of hard work, little money and a big sense of humor, it is now an eclectic mix of country, modern and farm, with a touch of whimsy.


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